Hi, my name is Jess, I have worked at KCCC since 2013. I studied my Cert. III in Bendigo which had a very strong Reggio Emilia influence, and am now a Lead Educator.

I love the strong sense of community we have, the way we let ‘kids be kids’ by allowing them the freedom to roam wherever they wish within the safety of our environment, whether that be up a tree or in someone else’s room. I grew up in North East Victoria so I feel that the freedom to roam is really important for children to begin to understand their own capabilities. I also love that we are trying to become more sustainable as a service and hopefully this will become embedded within our practice and our (collective) children will become advocates for the planet in their future.

My passions outside of being an Early Years Teacher are my family – including my fur babies Charlie and Lola (cats), Jasper and Sophie (dogs). Yes, we have four pets – not my decision! My tiny side business Palláte, and DJing. I also love to travel and spend time with my mates.