KCCC is a not-for-profit community organisation that values and supports children and their families. We provide quality early childhood education that helps children grow, develop and learn in a safe and stimulating environment. Our natural setting is an integral part of our program and we encourage and foster sustainable practices.


In relation to children:            

We value the uniqueness of each child, their interests, learning styles, and backgrounds.

In relation to families:  

We recognise and value the primary role that families play in their children’s life.

In relation to staff: 

We value all staff at KCCC, acknowledge their commitment and support their continued professional growth.

In relation to our community:

We value strong partnerships with our community, show respect regardless of   background, and acknowledge their role within our service.


  • To provide an integrated quality children’s service that plays an active part in our community
  • To create a safe environmentally, social, and financially sustainable enterprise
  • To be pro-active in engaging families to contribute and benefit from the program.
  • To ensure all staff have professional, consistent and available professional learning opportunities that supports the educational and developmental needs of the children being educated and cared for by the service