We are unique in our cooperative model and celebrate a strong sense of community.

When a place is offered to a child, the family must become a member of the co-operative.

Membership of the co-operative includes the requirement to hold one share per family.

This provision also states that if a member fails or ceases to be an active member the membership is cancelled and the share is forfeited.

Membership conveys the entitlement to attend meetings of the co-operative and cast a vote at meetings for election of directors and other resolutions from time to time.

The Board has a governance role and is supported by sub-committees and working groups that is made up of parents of the children attending the centre enabling them to participate in the life of the centre and  making our environment welcoming, caring, stimulating and positive.

Upon acceptance of the offer of a place for your child at KCCC your share certificate will be issued and $5 charged to your account on your first bill for this share.


Legal Structure

KCCC is an incorporated co-operative under the Corporations Act. Copies of the constitution are available to members on request. The Centre is audited each year in accordance with licensing requirements. Copies of audited accounts are freely available to members at the Annual General Meeting held at the beginning of each year or at other times upon request.