Policies and procedures guide the practice of the centre. Policies are reviewed regularly to ensure they stay relevant and current. Each policy is showcased in the centre and via email to members, to raise awareness of the policy details and to invite input into their revision.

To read a policy please click on the PDF files below.

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation Procedure January 2021

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy Jan 2019

Administration of First Aid Policy Jan 2019

Administration of First Aid Procedure Jan 2019

Administration of Medication Policy April 2022

Anaphylaxis Policy January 2021

Anaphylaxis Procedure Jan 2019

Asthma Policy January 2021

Asthma Procedure Jan 2019

CCTV policy – March 2024

CCTV Privacy Notice – March 2024

Child Safe Environment Policy June 2022

Code of Conduct Policy October 2021

Complaints and Grievances Policy April 2022

Cultural Celebrations Policy October 2019

Curriculum Development Policy February 2020

Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy October 2021

Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy June 2020

Delivery and Collection of Children Policy June 2020

Determining Responsible Person Policy June 2020

Diabetes Policy June 2020

Emergency and Evacuation Policy January 2021

Emergency and Evacuation Procedure Jan 2019

Enrolment and Orientation Policy – Long Daycare 2023

Enrolment and Orientation Policy – Sessional Kindergarten 2023

Environmental Sustainability Policy June 2022

Epilepsy Policy May 2022

Excursion and Service Events Procedure Jan 2019

Excursions and Service Events Policy January 2021

Fees Policy 2023

Food Safety Policy June 2020

Governance and Management of The Service Policy January 2021

Hygiene Policy May 2022


Incident, Injury, Trauma & Illness Policy Sept 2021

Inclusion and Equity Policy January 2021

Inclusion and Equity Procedure Jan 2019

Information Communication Technology April 2022

Interactions with Children Policy April 2022


Occupational Health and Safety Policy April 2022

Participation of Volunteers and Students Policy June 2022

Participation of Volunteers and Students Procedures

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy May 2022

Relaxation and Sleep Policy May 2022

Road Safety Education and Safe Transport Policy January 2021

Staffing Policy June 2020

Sun Protection Policy May 2022

Supervision of Children Policy April 2022

Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Free Policy February 2023

Water Safety Policy June 2020