The Educational Team at KCCC are a group of knowledgeable and committed professional Educators. We aspire to provide quality education and care for each child and accompany them as they embark on a journey of discovery, investigation, research and exploration. Together the Educators  provide a safe and nurturing environment to stimulate learning and development. The Educational team are an integral part of KCCC, supporting the General Manager as the Approved Provider.

The General Manager is responsible for ensuring the delivery of a comprehensive early childhood program and is responsible for the regulatory operations of the centre. They work alongside a skilled management and administration team consisting of a Pedagogical Leader, an Operations and Enrolment Manager, Management Accountant, Bookkeeper and Receptionist.

The Pedagogical Leader supports the Approved Provider to lead the service Quality Improvement Plan and support the development of the curriculum to establish clear goals and expectations for teaching. Our management team is responsible for the implementation of policies and practices in line with the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care and the Cooperative Act.

Management and Administration