In May we sadly farewelled Paula and Tash from the Apple Tree kindergarten team and Melissa our Pedagogical Leader.

Tash commenced in the Yarragum room and moved to the kinder room in 2017. Paula started in the Wattle room in 2016 and last year was appointed as our excursion educator. Paula was integral to piloting on of our regular excursion program in the Waratah room last year where the children ventured out to the Maribyrnong River and the trains weekly. Paula and Tash made a wonderful contribution to Kensington Community Children’s Cooperative (KCCC) over the past 2 years and they will certainly be missed.

Melissa our Pedagogical Leader commenced with us in 2014 as a kindergarten teacher and quickly progressed to the management role of Pedagogical Leader. Melissa has made a wonderful contribution to KCCC, particularly in the area of supporting and mentoring our teams in their pedagogy and practice. It was a difficult decision for Melissa to make in leaving, however, as Melissa’s husband Richard was offered a great opportunity and career advancement to work in Auckland, New Zealand, the opportunity could not be passed up. Melissa has left a big imprint at KCCC and will certainly be missed.


In saying goodbye we also have the opportunity to welcome new people.

In May we welcomed Carolyn and Hayley to the Apple Tree kindergarten team. Carolyn comes to us with a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge having worked at a diverse range of services, including, Gowrie Docklands, Brenbeal Children’s Centre and Laverton Community Centre over the past 8 years. Carolyn has already built positive nurturing relationships with children, families and the team at KCCC and is an advocate for children’s rights. Carolyn has a flair for implementing and promoting aesthetically beautiful and welcoming spaces that support children to play, learn and develop their knowledge and skills. Carolyn has already influenced the children’s learning about nature and flora with the many plants that she has introduced in the kindergarten room and the centre overall.

Hayley is an experienced educator who has also joined the Apple Tree kindergarten team. She has developed a drive and personal commitment to encouraging best outcomes for children. Hayley most recent roles have been in educational leadership and in senior educator roles at Port Phillip Council and Gowrie Docklands. Hayley prides herself in responsive engagement with children, families and community. She believes in working shoulder to shoulder with children to support them to find the skills and dispositions that they need and that work best for them in their own context. Hayley has also has a fondness for the natural world and seeks to learn more about the impact this has on brain development and early childhood.


We are also thrilled to announce that Kavita Bali has been appointed to the position of Pedagogical/Program Leader at KCCC.

Kavita last position was as the Pedagogical Leader at Clare Court Community Children’s Cooperative in Yarraville. Prior to that Kavita has worked as an Early Childhood Consultant, an Educational Leader at Grace Street Children’s service and as a Lawyer specialising in migration law. Kavita is strongly influenced by Reggio Emilia Philosophy, nature pedagogy and post-colonial and indigenous approaches to learning and teaching.

Her view is based on the context of Early Childhood as an interwoven fabric, where families, communities and Early Childhood Professionals work together in making decisions about teaching and learning.

Kavita holds a Masters of Education and Training, Bachelor of Arts, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Diploma in Children’s Services, Master of Teaching and assessment and recently completed her placement here at KCCC for her final aspect of the Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching.

Her love of learning does not stop there, Kavita is also enrolled in a Graduate Diploma studying Positive Psychology. Kavita aims for best practice and considers learning and evolving as an integral part of her professional being. Alongside her studies, Kavita keeps herself busy with family raising her four children with her husband.

Kavita is extremely excited about joining the KCCC team where she can work together and bring ideas to life. Kavita is a highly valued, knowledgeable and passionate Early Childhood Professional and will be joining the KCCC team on the 25 June as the Pedagogical Leader.

As we have some new teachers in Appletree, we thought a good way to get to know them, would be to give them the Appletree children’s questions.

1. What do you like to do all day in Appletree?
Carolyn: I like circle time, art and gardening. I love to have my hands in the soil, paint on my frock and a song in my heart.
Hayley: Chatting with everyone.
2. Who lives in your house?
Carolyn: My children, Artie and Win, 100’s of plants, 8 tons of lego and more fabric than I should own, but I love it.
Hayley: Jordan, my fiancé.
3. What is your favourite food?
Carolyn: I don’t like liquorice but, I do love all other food; I love rustic homegrown foods; vegemite toast and I am very partial to a scone.
Hayley: I like beetroot and lentil salad.
4. What’s your favourite poo?
Carolyn: I like chicken poo, it is very good for my garden. ‘
Hayley: wombat’s poo is pretty cool; it is cubed.
5. What do you think is the stinkiest smell?
Carolyn: The worst smell ever, is the smell of a horse abattoir on a 40degree day, which someone tricked me into smelling one day.
Hayley: The smell of dead flowers that have been sitting in old water.
6. What is your favourite sea creature?
Carolyn: I love them all!
Hayley: Spider crabs because they live by my home and I love how they migrate, when they aggregate and march.