Staff professional development with Niki Buchan – At Risk!! – The common sense approach to risk management in child care

This workshop will support you to build on your current knowledge and understanding of legislative requirements so you can meet all health and safety requirements while appropriately
supporting children in developing their own skills as risk assessors and to challenge themselves in a manner that is healthy, developmentally appropriate and empowering across our integrated mixed aged programs.  We will be looking at risk and challenge, higher level of risk-taking behaviours and self-risk assessing and trust within our multi age group setting.   Linking this with our sustainability practices, environmental awareness and demonstrating ownership while linked learning.

Comments from educators:
” I really enjoyed this training as it challenges your thinking and gets people talking about risks. I have found myself reflecting on this topic a lot”
“A fantastic session”.
“This training was most useful as it was evidenced based research on the importance of risky plan and child development”.