Playground Refurbishment to commence in 2016.

This project will enhance the education and care program for the children by providing enhanced quality and developmentally appropriate spaces for play and learning. The outdoor refurbishment will improve the outdoor space by including a range of different natural features such as a variety of surfaces to include a bike path, grass, enhanced sand pits, soil that will include a digging patch and edible gardens to support a variety of different planting. Trees and plants to attract birds and insects, feature rocks, a dry creek river bed and a hand held water pump are also part of the playgrounds design.
Contractors have been appointed by the City of Melbourne to undertake these works. The works will be undertaken while the centre is in operation.

The schedule of works will be for 6 weeks. Half of the outdoor area will be sectioned off to enable the works to be undertaken.

The children will have access to one side of the yard.

The fence will be secure so children cannot access the area, however they will be able to see the works occurring. This will enable the children to observe the construction and reformation of the new outdoor area of which many of the children had input into the planning and design, and will provide them with a wonderful learning opportunity.

A risk assessment has been carried out, which includes loud machinery works to be undertaken out of operating hours or when children are indoors.
Contractors must have a working with children check.

We will have a fabulous enhanced outdoor area on completion!