Yarragum Room Leader

Hello my name is Donna, I am a preschool mothercraft nurse Diploma Qualified and I graduated in 1985. I have always worked locally- my first job was shift work at Tweddle Baby hospital, and from there I worked at Flemington Child Care Co-op, Kensington Neighborhood House and in May 1999 I began working at KCCC. I was born and grew up in Kensington, I still live locally with my husband and three adult children, Molly, Jock and Darcy. I attended Kensington Primary School and my husband and children attended Holy Rosary Primary School. Over the years I have seen lots of changes in Kensington and at KCCC. I am a passionate caring Educator and I enjoy the challenges that KCCC brings every day. My weekends are enjoyed with my family and friends.