KCCC Kids welcome to country

Our evening was highlighted by the children who opened the AGM with a ‘Welcome to Country’. It was a great opportunity for members to come together to celebrate and reflect on our achievements over the past year, acknowledge retiring board members and welcome the incoming board members for 2018, Congratulations to the incoming board members.

The 2018 KCCC Board members are:
Felix Ohle, Scott Tatulaschwili, Kylie Young, Anthony Trantino, Jacqui Pola, Kate Walker, Caroline Innes, Meg Terrill, Morelle Bull.

Special thanks to our outgoing board members John Lalor and Rebecca Robinson and our 2017 retired board members Julie Stobo, Tamsin Erikson and Theo Gouskos. Thier contributions have been invaluable to the strategic direction of KCCC.

The board has a governance role and their role is to guide the mission, vision and strategic plan for the centre.
The board has specific responsibilities to the Department of Consumer Affairs (regulator of the Co-Op Act).

There are many opportunities to contribute to KCCC, as a board member, through our volunteer sub committees, working groups, working bees and/or contributing time to share skills and knowledge at the centre.
These community connections is what makes KCCC unique. If you would like to know more about contributing to a sub-committee or working group, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Read the full Annual Report for 2017 here.